Super Shark, AKA “Landshark, the Motion Picture”

This shark is pretty super, too.

Remember that SNL skit about the land shark? If not, what the hell, dude?  We’ll let this one slide and embed it below the other video after the jump, which is the trailer for Super Shark.  Somehow Super Shark isn’t a SyFy original, but it has all the trappings of one: a huge shark that walks on land, part-time models in bikinis, awful special effects, a Fred Olen Ray director credit, and, most importantly, a walking tank kicking a shark in the face. *righteous fist pump*

The movie stars John Schneider (The Dukes of Hazzard) delivering lines like, “that’s one bigass shark” and Jimmie “JJ” Walker (Good Times) playing radio DJ “Dy-yi-yi-yi-no-mite Stevens”.  They’re dealing with an important dilemma: a giant shark who walks on land and flies is killing people but “that beach has to be opened by the time school gets out this weekend.”  What will they do?  That beach has to be opened by the time school gets out this weekend, damn it!  THE CLOCK IS TICKING AND THESE SHARKS WON’T KICK THEMSELVES IN THE FACE!

And let us not forget this is a film with an important message, for Super Shark knocks over an offshore oil rig in one scene.  That’s the kind of ripped from the headlines stuff that makes “Law & Order” such a highly respected show.  Truly this is a film journalism students will someday study.

[trailer via io9, SNL video via Spike, banner picture via MaddieRose (via EpicPonyz)]