'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' Clips: Peter And Gwen Kiss, Snipers Ruin Everything

Sony is continuing their usual tactic for promoting movies by releasing even more new footage and featurettes from The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Their marketing policy seems to be, “F*ck it, just show them the whole thing. They’ll go to the theater to see what chronological order the scenes are in. MORE COCAINE, Garçon!”

Here’s the first clip, starting with Peter and Gwen making out in a janitor’s closet and ending with some cute slapstick comedy.

This second clip shows a confrontation between Spidey and Electro. I’m not a fan of the background music, or of putting Electro’s face on the billboard screens (do they realize how hard it is to get footage onto one of those things?), or of the hackneyed “trigger-happy sniper” trope they use here. Snipers in superhero movies exist only to get distracted by something shiny and start shooting. Real-life snipers must love these movies.

We also have a couple of featurettes. This first one covers the strain on Peter and Gwen’s relationship when Gwen the valedictorian is offered a scholarship to Oxford and must decide if she’ll leave for England.

This second featurette, titled “Becoming Peter Parker” includes footage of that time Andrew Garfield showed up at Comic Con disguised as Spider-Man to ask a question during a Q&A. Is it just me, or did his nervous chest thumping remind anyone else of Matthew McConaughey in Wolf of Wall Street?

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 opens May 2nd, 2014

Via ENI, Comics Alliance, and The Wrap