The Best of Power Girl Cosplay

After my post last week of cosplay teams and team-ups where I proclaimed that Gamma Squad was now covering cosplay and I scorned sites that only focus on costumes with cleavage I ran into a big problem. Two big problems actually. Power Girl’s boobs.

The Power Girl costume is perhaps the most popular cosplay costume of super hero comic books. By that I don’t mean that it is the most frequently worn costume. It is the most popular comic book costume for people to re-post, share and click on for reasons that remain a mystery to no one.

So I figured, what the heck? If you want Power Girl, I’ll give you 20 cosplaying Power Girls! And be sure to check back on Friday for our best cosplay of the week round up.

Photo by Shi-tenshi

Via Dorkly

Via American ComicCon Deviant Art User themissingeyebrow


Via Comic Book Cosplay

Photo by Waifus

Photo by theno2fan

Photo by Hueyatl

Photo by Henchman21

Photo by Henchman21

Photo by He.Who.Wanders

Via Demonsee

Via ComicVine

Via ComicVine

Photo by Mike Rogers

Photo by Scotman5

Photo by MurrietaLife

Via Nerd Bastards

Via Nerd Bastards

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