The Creator Of ‘Cave Story’ Finally Has A New Game. It’s About A Frog

Even if you usually ignore indie games, there’s a good chance you’ve played Cave Story. Developed by Daisuke “Pixel” Amaya, Cave Story kicked off the indie game movement by proving definitively that a single person could, with enough time and passion, create a really good video game.

Well, this weekend Pixel announced his first full game in nearly a decade will be hitting the iPhone this May. The game is called Gero Blaster and well, it looks a lot like Cave Story, except now you play as a frog. Hit the jump for a trailer…

Nicalis, the studio Pixel worked with to port Cave Story to consoles and handhelds has already strongly hinted that they’re planning to bring the game to the 3DS and Vita. I’ll probably wait for those versions — this seems like the kind of game you don’t want to play with a virtual gamepad.

via Joystiq