The First Clip From The Amazing Spider-Man Wants To See What’s In Your Bag

02.20.12 6 years ago

We already posted the first trailers for The Amazing Spider-Man here, here, and here. In those trailers, Peter Parker greets Gwen Stacy on her fire escape (totally not creepy, bro) and explains that he’s out there because the doorman was intimidating. Now we know what’s so intimidating about him: this first clip from the film is basically a replay of Bruce Campbell’s scene in Spider-Man 2 if the guy throwing shade at Parker were the doorman from Seinfeld, implying Parker has to be a messenger or a student who needs tutoring, certainly not Gwen Stacy’s boyfriend.

We’re assuming the reason they chose this anticlimactic scene as the first clip to release is because Parker is hiding something important in his school bag (probably the Spidey suit or his web shooters). Otherwise, this clip seems destined for the deleted scenes.

Also, F–k Yeah Spider-Man would have handled this doorman so much better:

[H/T: ThePlaylist. Images courtesy of CBM.]

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