The First ‘Penny Dreadful’ Trailer Has A Lot Of Familiar Faces

Senior Contributor

You might have seen the teaser for the trailer, but as it gets closer to Penny Dreadful‘s premiere, they’re actually delivering on the concept. And if nothing else, this is going to be one classy horror series full of gore and boobs if the cast is any indication.

Yep, Showtime has rolled out the full trailer, and if nothing else, Sam Mendes and John Logan look to be going for all the nudity and gore premium cable can dish out. Also, the cast is pretty good; see for yourself:

Since we last discussed it, the show has stepped away somewhat from its League of Extraordinary Gentlemen knock-off conceit. As you can see from the trailer, Dorian Grey, Frankenstein, and Frankenstein’s monster are still in the mix, and it’s likely we’ll run into a Dracula or two as well, considering the whole trailer is dripping in Dracula references. But Josh Hartnett is now playing a character named Ethan, Timothy Dalton’s character is now Allan Quartermain with the serial numbers filed off, and Eva Green plays an original character as well.

And if nothing else, it’s going to be pretty; J.A. Bayona, who you might remember from The Orphanage is directing the first two episodes, and John Logan, the creator of the series and an experienced screenwriter, will be writing all eight episodes of the first season. So, in short, we’ve got something to look forward to come May 11th.

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