The Skeletor Baby Doll Beats Out All The Other Creepy Dolls

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skeletor baby doll


We’ve been to a comics store, we get it: Collectors will buy anything. But this might be going a little too far, even by that standard.

Yes, Mattel is making a Skeletor baby doll you can buy and put in your house to terrify people. Celebrating a Robot Chicken sketch where Skeletor turns himself into a baby and discovers he likes it a little too much, here’s what you get for your $35:

A must-have for true MOTUC fans, Baby Skeletor™ measures 12” tall (a total of 15” when sitting on his evil royal potty, including the potty) with articulation at the legs, shoulders and neck, and a face only a mother could… nope, sorry… even she thinks he’s hideous. The childish commander and his commode arrive in a unique closed-box throne package, and comes with a removable “Born to Rule” baby t-shirt and his Havoc Staff rattle.

Yes, you read that correctly. He comes with his very own evil toilet. Here’s a photo!

skeletor potty


Gee, we can’t imagine why you’ve got to be 18 or older to buy this thing. And why is Panthor circling the pot, there? What, just because Robot Chicken didn’t make a Kitten Panthor, he’s stuck decorating the toilet like it’s a van from the ’70s?

This will be available soon. And we’re looking forward to Baby Skeletor’s inevitable team-ups with Creepy Woody on DeviantArt.

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