Andrew Lincoln Says ‘The Walking Dead’ Season Six Will ‘Go Off The Chain’

With two weeks left before The Walking Dead returns to AMC for its sixth season, the rumor mill is all a buzz regarding what chaos will go down in these new episodes. Just two days ago, news hit that — as we kind of already knew — the character of Paul “Jesus” Monroe has been added to the cast, with actor Tom Payne stepping into the role. Given that news, and a recent casting notice that points to the arrival of one very big villain towards the end of the new season, things are definitely set to be kicked up a notch when the series returns.

On Friday, AMC released a new promotional video giving fans “a look” at Season 6. Last season ended on an awkward moment between a bloody Rick and old pal Morgan as they reunited amidst some violent circumstances. Moving forward, it looks like the new episodes will explore the death of Alexandria’s “idyllic lifestyle,” as Greg Nicotero so deftly puts it. Aside from the obvious conflict between Rick’s group and the Alexandrians, the return of Morgan will allegedly be an issue on multiple levels as, according to actor Lennie James, the rogue character was only out to protect himself and his son. Now that he’s surrounded by people, his own sanity may be tested.

If anything, every season — not counting Season 2’s extended farm stay — has elevated the human and zombie threats, and Nicotero claims that the new episodes will once again aim to ramp things up. Norman Reedus confirms in the above video that “the threats get larger,” but it’s really Andrew Lincoln’s comments comparing every episode to a season finale that really raises an eyebrow.

We’ll find out whether it goes “off the chain” or not, as Season 6 of The Walking Dead returns to AMC on Sunday October 11th.

(Via AMC)