'The World's End' Deploys A New Trailer

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06.20.13 11 Comments


Do we really need to say anything other than it’s Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, and Edgar Wright making a movie that mixes bar-crawling and robot-fighting? We didn’t think so.

The World’s End actually might be the most promising SF movie this summer. Pegg, Frost and Wright are very clever at genre-mixing; Hot Fuzz managed to mix buddy-cop action movies and The Wicker Man, of all things, and actually made it work. So this mix of childhood nostalgia flicks and a Doctor Who episode promises to be pretty great. If you’d like to skip the infomercial reminding you that these guys put out two great movies already, here you go, but if you want the full embed:

By the way, you’re not hallucinating, there is a bar called “The Famous Cock” in this movie. Hey, it’s more subtle than the actor who played Bellocq cursing Simon Pegg out and then pulling two guns on him.

I’ve got to admit, having Pegg play the former cool guy who’s kind of a tool and just won’t let his twenties go is masterful casting. He’s often asked to play the nice guy, but he’s a lot more versatile than that. Similarly, it’s great to see Paddy Considine, Eddie Marsan, and Martin Freeman thrown into the mix, as they’re all great actors, and Marsan in particular is underused in the movies he’s in. The World’s End arrives August 23rd in the US, and July 19th in Britain.

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