The Worst Trek Bracket Round Fourteen: "Night" Vs. "Prey"

04.12.12 6 years ago 13 Comments

Last round, “A Night In Sickbay” put up a decent fight, but “These Are The Voyages…” was just too bad not to advance. And now there’s another round of Voyager for your stinky delectation!


This manages to combine two things that make for truly awful “Trek”: ham-fisted social messages and angst. Janeway feels really, really bad about screwing up pretty much constantly. Meanwhile, Voyager captures an alien who looks like a sentient pile of turds. It turns out the Poop People are being killed by an industrial waste hauling alien dumping his crap in their sacred chunk of space. How shameless is the writing? So shameless that when Janeway just offers the guy some technology that he could presumably patent with his society and turn said industrial waste into energy, he turns it down because he loves his waste-hauling gig.

Did I mention all of this is in an area where the stars are blacked out, because it was just too nuanced to really get the point across?


Species 8472 shows up, as well as one of the buttheads (OK, the Hirogen, but their heads look like butts), and Seven of Nine beams them both off the ship. Janeway then chews her out and takes her computer privileges away because they felt bad for the giant hostile mutant insect that was part of a genocidal race of mutant hostile insects.


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