There Are Robots In The Walls, Conspiring

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10.07.11 3 Comments


Petra Gemeinboeck and Rob Saunders, also known as the art duo RoboCoco (no relation to this blogger), have built a set of robots which hide inside walls and work in unison to punch holes in a wall and check out what’s on the other side. This waking nightmare is being called an art installation, which I guess is fitting because it certainly elicited a reaction from me. Woke up the neighbors, even. “That guy who never leaves the house is screaming again, Edna” they may have said.

They call these robots “Zwischenräume” — Gesundheit — and here’s the purpose of the work, in their words:

They punch holes through the walls to inspect what’s outside, signal each other, and conspire. As if the walls had ears and a hammer to pierce holes for their eyes to see. The work develops a political relationship between the stealthy invasion of digital surveillance and urban combat tactics in which soldiers are instructed to walk through private walls. The installation stages this relationship in the form of an autonomous sculptural process that marks and wounds our environment, leaving behind open scars. [RoboCoco via Technabob]

This robots are fighting the man, maaaaaan. Also, they are fighting the man, as in plotting to kill all humans. I’m sure of it. Here’s the video evidence:

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