There’s An Homage To World 1-1 Of ‘Super Mario Bros’ Hidden In The Gory Zombie Game ‘Dying Light’

New open world, free-running zombie game Dying Light is packed with with fun little nods to other video games (for instance, the game has a Destiny-style loot cave) and now fans have found a full recreation of World 1-1 from Super Mario Bros. tucked away in the game.

To find this Mario Easter egg, you have to go to the far southwest corner of the Old Town map. Once there, climb to the top of the highest building, and you’ll find this telltale green pipe in one of the chimneys. Stand on top of it and push the button prompt, and you’re in for a very freaky version of World 1-1.

Even better, there’s a power-up hidden in the stage that lets you bound around the gritty, violent world of Dying Light as if you were wearing a Tanooki Suit.

I have a sneaking feeling this might not be the last gaming homage fans find in Dying Light.

via Kotaku