There’s Another Tekken Movie Coming, And It Might Be Amazing

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01.13.14 8 Comments
This is pretty much every still from the first movie.

This is pretty much every still from the first movie.

If you’ve never seen 2010’s Tekken, you’re in good company, and for excellent reason. Even by the standards of video game adaptations, it was pretty bad; when even Wikipedia admits the movie is “very loosely based” on the game, you know you’re in for a special viewing experience. However, it apparently did well enough to make a prequel, and this one might actually be worth watching.

Why? Two reasons. The first is that it stars the son of America’s favorite ninja Sho Kosugi, Kane Kosugi, who first leaked the news on his website. We’ll spare you Google Translate’s butchering of the beautiful Japanese language, but it’s coming from Lionsgate and it’s called Tekken: A Man Called X. Oddly, Kane has chosen to emphasize that Crystal Sky, who seems to be paying the bills on this production, was also involved in the Ghost Rider movies. Well, they were better than Tekken, we suppose.

The other advantage this movie has Prachya Pinkaew directing it. Pinkaew is the guy behind scenes like this:


OK, so we couldn’t find any good GIFs from Chocolate; the point is that Pinkaew is really good at making movies where people beat each other up. Considering that’s essentially the entire plot of the Tekken games insofar that we actually care about any plot from said games, that’s probably a good guy to have in your corner.

Filming just started, so it seems likely that we won’t see this before 2015. Hopefully it will feature less ass-cleavage than the first movie.

Via Kane Kosugi’s Blog

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