These Headphones Know How You're Feeling

Man, the headphones the lady is wearing in the above picture look a little unwieldy, don’t they? Also, ugly. But that’s okay because they can also read your mind. Or at least your mood.

The headphones, developed by a company called Neurowear, will, in theory, play happy music if you’re happy or depressing music if you’re depressed. Hmmm, perhaps they should switch that around? Happy music for sad people and sad music for happy people? Or maybe they should just play Swedish black metal for everyone — I’m no music-mood matching expert.

Anyways, hit the jump for more info and an video about the headphones.

Here’s Engadget’s description of the headphones…

“A big white pair of headphones are connected to a sensor that rests on your forehead and a dangling clip for your earlobe (a la the Necomimi).

The cans connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth, using your current mood to select a song from the company’s app, which currently contains about 100 tracks. According to the company, the songs have been “neuro-tagged,” based on its testing, to ensure that they match up to perceived mood.”

Yes, the guy in the video is wearing robo-cat ears, because Neuroware also makes mood-sensing cat ears of course. SCIENCE.

via Engadget