These New Spaghetti Western Style Star Wars Posters Are Great (Although Not As Great As The Actual Italian Poster For Star Wars)

So, artist Tim Anderson decided to make a series of new Star Wars posters in the style of 60s spaghetti westerns, which just seems right considering how much spaghetti western DNA was in the original Star Wars trilogy to begin with. The first poster in particular, featuring a Greedo/Han showdown is a minor masterpiece.
Hit the jump for Tim’s posters, as well as an actual Italian Star Wars poster that’s pretty sweet in its own right…

posters by Timothy Anderson
You damn-well better shoot first this time Han.
This poster is so cool it almost justifies all the attention this character who was in the original trilogy for all of two minutes gets.
As good as these posters are, they’re still not as rad as the actual Italian poster for the original Star Wars. Don’t believe me? Hit the next page…
Heeeeellll yeah! If only Princess Leia had looked like that. Also, has C-3PO ever been happier than he is here? No, because being unhappy on this poster would be impossible.