These Tetris Masters Put Our Block-Laying To Shame

12.14.11 6 years ago

Who among us hasn’t had a love/hate relationship with Tetris at some point in our lives? Still seeing the little blocks while drifting off to sleep, swearing off the Tetris addiction after “just one more game”, and finally getting that long piece just a little too late. Whereas most of us eventually parlayed our Tetris habit into excellent organizing skills, others have continued their Tetris practice to championship levels.

Below are three videos of insane Tetris skill on display. The first shows a Japanese arcade player with unbelievable swag. The second video is LapSiLap’s world record run in “40 line” Tetris, clearing the 40 lines in only 21.9 seconds. I believe this player is using LockJaw, an open-source game which can be customized to remove animations and choose your keyboard commands. The third video below is an interview with Jono Pearson (pictured above), Australia’s fastest Tetris player. He says he can clear 40 lines in 24 seconds (roughly 4 pieces per second). YouTube seems to be of two minds on how much swag he has.

Sh-t gets real at 5:10.

[Sources: HYST and Kotaku]

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