This Is (Almost) Every Color of N64 Controller Released

04.03.12 6 years ago 4 Comments

Via this Tumblr, we now have a rough idea of how many of different colors of N64 controller there were…and there were a LOT.

To give you an idea of how difficult this must have been, the first six are standard release controllers, the gold one appears to be the version released in Japan (there were several gold N64 controllers), the entire Funtastic line makes up the second row, with what appears to be the extremely rare Jusco 30th Anniversary controller, and we’re pretty sure those last few at the bottom were actually variants made for hotels.

About the only controller this is missing is the silver Millenium 2000 controller, and that’s insanely rare as well.

In short, whoever did this really loves the N64.

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