This Will Surely End Well: Homemade Wolverine Claws

He hates these boxes. Stay away from the boxes.

This is old but I somehow missed covering it when it was originally published, so I’m rectifying that right meow.  A TechEBlog reader’s friend made homemade, retractable Wolverine claws which pop out when he bends his elbow back, and it even incorporates real katana blades.  Which is awesomely safe and not at all dangerous.  He then filmed himself punching cardboard boxes set up around his apartment (or his grandma’s house?), which is still awesomely safe.  Especially when the box appears less wide than the katana blades are long, or the box starts to crumple as he’s punching it directly into the floor.

I’m honestly a little disappointed he didn’t destroy that ugly ’70s couch.  Because f*ck that couch.  Seriously.

[Hat tip and three “SNIKT” sound effects to TheAwesomer.]

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