Can We Send Jean-Claude Van Damme To The Past To Stop The ‘Timecop’ Reboot?

05.23.13 5 years ago 6 Comments

Hey, remember the 1994 time travel classic Timecop? Jean-Claude Van Damme played an agent regulating time travel — a “Timecop” if you will — who has to set the timeline right after a politician (Ron Silver) messes with history to win elections.

Now Universal is developing a Timecop reboot, because it’s been almost 20 years and nothing can go that long without a reboot these days. (See you in two years, Powder reboot.)

The studio is approaching the new Timecop as a reboot and a re-imagining of the concept and is out to writers. Van Damme is not involved. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Wait, no Jean-Claude Van Damme? Awww hell no. How could you make a Timecop reboot without this?

More Jean-Claude Van Damme GIFs here. (All pictures via CBM and F–k Yeah Van Damme.)

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