George Clooney Crashed NYCC With The First Trailer For ‘Tomorrowland’, Slammed ‘Batman And Robin’

This morning we posted pictures from Tomorrowland (opening May 22nd, 2015) along with details about the plot. The short version is, George Clooney — a former boy genius turned reclusive inventor — teams up with a teenaged science nerd (Britt Robertson) to save Earth with help from an alternative universe inside Disney World or whatever; I zoned out when the plot got too advertise-y. Hugh Laurie plays an alternate, evil version of Walt Disney, or just a representative version of Walt Disney, depending on whom you ask.

George Clooney surprised the crowd at New York Comic-Con a little bit ago by making an unannounced appearance at Disney’s Tomorrowland panel. Reports Deadline:

Clooney, less than two weeks after getting married in Venice, walked out before the Main Stage 1-D crowd to a roar. “It’s good to see you all. If you guys need to know anything about the plot just ask me — everybody dies in the end.” He continued his quips, tan and wry and having the audience eating from his plam. [sic] “Yes this is my first Comic-Con,” he said. “Since my Batman I’d been dis-invited from Comic-Con for about 15 years — sorry about the nipples on the suit.” [emphasis ours]

All is forgiven.

Even though Earth is supposed to be a dystopia in this movie (Well, more of one than it already is.), it would still be pretty cool if you could hang out with Clooney there. I mean you could choose the alternate dimension, but then you wouldn’t be hanging out in this clichéd control room.

Which is a counterpoint to Tomorrowland, which looks like this:

Hmm, jetpacks or George Clooney? Tough decision.

Via /film and Deadline