‘Transformers’ Purists Are Outraged Over Michael Bay’s Adorable New Autobot Sqweeks

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06.23.16 15 Comments

According to Michael Bay, Transformers: The Last Knight will be his final go as the director in this successful action blockbuster franchise. He has said that before, so we take it with a grain of salt, but for now we are to believe that Transformers… 5, is it? will be his last and therefore most insanely explosive and visually nonsensical. After all, he not only has Mark Wahlberg returning to collect a massive paycheck, but he even recruited Sir Anthony Hopkins for a role, so we’re expecting something even larger than a grand slam.

Bay is also making sure that this film is packed with adorable new and old characters alike, as he previously revealed the new look of Bumblebee and he even cast a homeless dog after seeing a sad story. And that’s in addition to announcing that Megatron is coming back, not that Megatron is adorable, but some of us loved that toy the most as a kid, even if the size issues made no freaking sense at all. Now, Bay has fans both geeked and furious with the introduction of the new Autobot character Sqweeks, who looks like Wall-E mated with a broken down Vespa.

Why are fans upset about this cute little robo-dude? Well, just as the business side of Paramount’s franchise has taken a page from Disney’s Star Wars machine, fans think that Bay is simply creating his own R2-D2 or BB-8. Let’s check in with the most outraged…

Again, that’s just a small-but-hilarious sampling of people who are mad online. There are also fans who think Sqweeks is absolutely the cutest, and others who think these angry nerds are just being haters. Whatever the situation may be, there will still be 12 million more Transformers movies made before the world ends, so let’s pace ourselves on the outrage, friends.

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