The Final ‘Uncharted 4’ Trailer Hints At A Bad End For Nathan Drake

04.25.16 3 years ago

On one level, no video game protagonist ever truly dies. Even if they seemingly get bumped off in their “final” game, there’s always the reboot for the next console generation. But it sure seems like we won’t have Nathan Drake to throw off a cliff anymore with the latest Uncharted 4 trailer.

True, the subtitle “A Thief’s End” wasn’t exactly lacking in ominous overtones, but just in this thirty seconds, we learn Drake hasn’t taken to retirement at all well, that even if he survives his family might ditch him for being, well, Nathan Drake, and that his ongoing attempts to defy gravity once again leave him dangling off of ledges. Give it up, Drake: gravity will win every single time.

Joking aside, this looks to be easily the most dramatic, setpiece-filled game Naughty Dog has turned out yet in the series, which is saying something considering the overall nature of the franchise. We’ve seen Drake destroy cars, jump across cliffs, trash boats, and it appears that we’ll finally be getting a few answers to some open questions about his past and future on May 10. Until then, let’s just hope he has a better time of it than Joel and Ellie.

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