Warner Bros. May Have Thrown Out Its 'Justice League' Script Due To General Terribleness

Marvel Studios made doing a superhero team-up movie seem easy, but as Warner Bros. is finding out, it really, really isn’t.

We’ve already heard Warners is starting to get cold feet and are waiting on the success Man of Steel before moving ahead, and now there’s word they’ve thrown out their current Justice League script because, well, it’s really bad. Reportedly the trashed script featured Darkseid as the big bad guy and was a bit of a shambles due to superheroes being inserted and removed from it constantly (sexy). Oh, and it was written by Will Beall, the guy behind Gangster Squad (32% on RottenTomatoes).

What’s that I hear? Is it the sound of a money dump truck backing up to Christopher Nolan’s front door?

via Badass Digest