Wolverine Cat Is Back To Destroy Anybody Who Didn’t Love His First Video

04.22.14 4 years ago 2 Comments


So, a couple months back some folks made a video imagining a world where a cat somehow got his paws on Wolverine claws, and everyone who owns cats cringed in terror. Friggin’ things do plenty enough damage with regular sized claws.

Well, you didn’t think Wolverine Cat was just going to be a one-off thing, did you? He’s WOLVERINE plus A CAT. I’m surprised a 200 million dollar movie isn’t already in the works. So yeah, Wolverine Cat is back, and he’s taking on his greatest adversary — trolls who didn’t like his first YouTube video. Guess who wins…

One Internet troll down — only several hundred million to go.

via Bleeding Cool

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