You’ll Soon Be Able To Buy An Official Lego ‘Ghostbusters’ Set

Hey, remember that awesome Lego Ghostbusters Headquarters we showed you a while back? Probably got you itching for some real-life Lego ‘Busters to play with, huh? Well, you’re in for some good news, because somebody went and submitted a Ghostbusters set to Lego Cuusoo (the website where Lego fans can propose and vote on wacky new Lego designs) and well, it came, it saw and it kicked ass!

Unfortunately, there won’t be a full Ghostbusters Headquarters (yet), but soon you’ll be able to buy an official Lego version of the Ecto-1 along with minifigs of the whole team (yes, even Winston). Here’s the submission video that got the Ecto-1 chosen…

The final buyable version won’t be exactly the same, but Lego is promising it will be as close as possible. Here’s a video of an awkward Lego lady announcing the Ecto-1. Skip to the end to check out some pretty cool fan designed sets that are also under consideration.

Zelda and Adventure Time Lego? Yes friggin’ please.

Now, somebody needs to submit a Ghostbusters 2 set where all the minifigs look a little older and sadder and nothing’s any fun.

via LegGodt