Zack Snyder to Forget Previous Superman Movies?

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03.18.11 4 Comments

Why is Superman drinking in this photo at left? To forget the reaction to “Superman Returns”? Or because Darren Aronofsky bailed on directing “The Wolverine” (no, really)?

Either way, Zack Snyder probably agrees with him. Snyder has said essentially that he’s rebooting the franchise and forgetting about the Richard Donner films. Snyder points to the Batman movies and how they ignored the previous franchise, especially the parts with Schwartzenegger making terrible “cold” puns and Uma Thurman talking like it was 1968. He wants a more modern, unique Superman.

Unfortunately, that also means a script by David Goyer, so we can pretty much forget about this movie actually being any good. What is it with Warners and Goyer anyway? Didn’t they SEE “Blade: Trinity?”

[ via the last son of Hero Complex ]

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