Angela Yee Speaks Out After Her Explicit 2010 Interview With Gucci Mane Goes Viral

Gucci Mane was on The Breakfast Club Friday morning and things took an interesting turn when the rapper insinuated show host Angela Yee wanted the D once upon a time.

According to Gucci, after an interview on one of her old shows, Yee sent him a late night text asking him which hotel he was staying in. An appalled Yee denied ever texting Gucci, but the rapper was pretty confident it was the radio personality. The look on his face couldn’t be more telling.

The awkward exchange sent Angela Yee’s name trending on social media with memes, jokes, and your garden-variety slut-shaming. And it was all fine and dandy for Yee who told Bossip she was unbothered by the comments because she Gucci’s claims were false. The radio personality also went on to deny even having interviewed Gucci. “Me and Melyssa (Ford) never interviewed him, and he never did Lip Service [radio show],” Yee told the website. But Yee did interview him for another show, The Morning After. And that explicit video has gone viral with many using it as proof Yee probably did text Gucci.

In the short clip, Gucci asked Yee if she can “take it,” and Yee responded, “I’m sure. You know what they say about little girls, especially Asians […] deep.” “Well, damn!” replied Mr. Mane. Okay, not really, but boy was that worth clutching my pearls. Anyway, now the radio personality is speaking out again in hopes of shutting down the whole “Yee smashed the homie” rumors.

“For the record, Gucci was never on Lip Service, he was on The Morning After, & we always discussed intimate topics on the show,” Yee tweeted following the video going viral. “That was tame. 12 years of interviewing people in radio, and for some reason I choose to ask Gucci for his hotel info over 6 years ago, I guess.”

And there you have it.