DJ Khaled Posing As An Undercover Lyft Driver Was ‘Too Iconic’ To Fool These Passengers

DJ Khaled is pretty much a household name now, especially if that home is a millennial one. With his “major keys” and generic life advice perfect for Instagram captions and Tumblr posts, everyone know the hitmaker or knows of him. Which is why it was pretty much impossible to trick Lyft passengers into thinking they were about to be chauffeured around by a Khaled doppelganger named “Billy.”

The We The Best titan threw on a pair of shades, a baseball cap and a uniform and called himself going undercover as a driver for the transportation company. All this while in New York City by the way, a place where people are totally disconnected from the Internet and would have no idea that their talkative driver “Billy The Locksmith” — because he has the keys, duh! — was really DJ Khaled. Even when “Billy” goes on about keys, wanting a lion, going jet-skiing, his love for cocoa butter, and being a sex symbol, passengers still didn’t put two and two together.

For what it’s worth, some passengers knew it was Khaled, but we’re pretty much all in agreement that this has to be staged right? Besides Khaled being famous enough to actually be spotted by the generation he targets, when’s the last time you sat in the front of a Lyft car?