Dreezy Promises Gucci Mane ‘We Gon Ride’ Then Takes Him Jewelry Shopping

It didn’t take long after Gucci Mane touched road before he got plugged into some of those sweet, sweet Chi-city yams. When Dreezy called him to appear in her new video, it only made sense for Guwop and his crew to pick the phone up and let her know “We Gon Ride.” While the video might put Gooch in hot water with his P.O., the song itself will only do big things for the newly liberated ATLien as he taps into a younger market to remind them why his name rings bells in these streets.

The visuals aren’t anything worth writing home about, minus seeing Dreezy’s fine ass bopping in the whip with her reasonably cute girls. However, seeing Gucci in the jewelry store doing some shopping instantly rings some alarms and not the ones he should be setting off after a month on the outside. Let’s just hope the Brrrr legend sent his slimmed down clone to the store to cop some chains and stunt for the video because s**t like this could get Mr. Mane back to three hots and a cot faster than we can scream “Free Gucci!”