Dreamville Signee Lute Announces His Presence With The Soulful ‘Juggin’

It was announced way back in 2015 that Charlotte, North Carolina MC Lute had signed to J. Cole’s Dreamville Records, but besides a spot on the Revenge Of The Dreamers 2 EP, Lute hasn’t made much noise — until now. In what seems to be the beginning of the buildup to his next EP, West 1996 Pt. 2, Lute and Dreamville suddenly released his newest track “Juggin” last week, and this week they came right back with a new video for the soulful track.

“Huggies ain’t cheap, and my momma needs a bigger crib,” Lute raps on the track as he dreams of the come up he hopes to achieve through rap or any other means. “I tried to drank it away but I confront it instead,” he adds later, as he smoothly rides the beat with an unrelenting flow.

For those unfamiliar with Lute’s previous LP West 1996, “Juggin” serves as a sufficient introduction to the Dreamville signee beyond just the J. Cole co-sign. Not only does he rap about his daughter and make it clear she’s his motivation as he strives for rap superiority, but he features her in the video as well as he strolls through town and picks up a pack of those expensive Huggies for her. Check out the “Juggin” video above and purchase or stream the track on every streaming platform imaginable here.