Joe Budden Talks To ‘Hot Ones’ About The Drake Fans On His Doorstep

The allegedly irrelevant Joe Budden seems to have worked himself back into the collective conscious of the internet. After sending more than a few shots at Drake, Joey had to deal with the backlash in a way I’m sure many didn’t expect. On Sunday morning, social media went nuts as a bunch of Drake fans showed up on Joe Budden’s doorstep to heckle the Jersey emcee. Since it’s 2016 and nothing happens without the internet knowing, the kids documented the experience via Snapchat. What followed were a few hilarious scenes (and memes) of Joe running after the kids and threatening to beat them within an inch of their lives.

“Hot Ones” brought Joe Budden in for an interview as he added some information that wasn’t found on any of the videos. “I realized that they were children so, you know, that’s the end of that,” Joey said. “I run them off and then that’s that. I went and got my coffee and I came back. They spent the entire day…they went and got their friends. I don’t know, maybe it was a Pokemon spot or some sh*t, I didn’t know what was happening.”

Mouse went on and talked about the aftermath of that visit. The day after they showed up on his doorstep, he went to the kids’ houses the next day to inform their parents of what they’d done. Budden said he did it because he has a 15 year old himself and “if my kid were behaving in a manner that would get his f***ing head popped off, I surely would hope a parent would come tell me.”

There were also a couple of humorous pokes at the fortunes of Rick Ross and Troy Ave. Joe said he was going to take one of the kids in the house and beat them up but “Rick Ross got in trouble for that.” He also thought about grabbing his gun and shooting into the air but said “Nah, they’re not going to ‘Troy Ave’ me.”