If LeBron James Delivered $1.3 Million In Cash To Your Door, You’d Go Nuts Too

Life Writer
12.24.16 6 Comments


My grandmother loved watching shows like Wheel of Fortune and The Price Is Right and telling me contestants weren’t actually walking away with any of the cash and prizes advertised on screen. Perhaps that’s where I get my skepticism from, but man oh man do I wish she were alive to see this.

LeBron James visited one lucky family on Friday to hand deliver $1.3 million dollars in cold hard cash. The duffle bag of money was earned when childhood sweethearts John and Angel Whorton appeared on James’ new NBC game show, The Wall. The show is what happens when you mix The Price Is Right’s popular “Plinko” game with Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. What separates The Wall from other shows is that contestants are chosen by just how great of a human being they are which definitely counts me out as I am a POS.

“This game was created to give good opportunities to good people. We want to make good things happen for you guys,” show host Chris Hardwick told the Whortons at the start of the first episode.

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