Drew Carey Revealed His Insider Tip On How To Get Rich At ‘Plinko’

Noted Cleveland advocate and celebrated game show maestro Drew Carey made his way to the Late Show with Stephen Colbert last night and this bit of CBS internetwork synergy had the sitcom vet revealing some of the magician’s secrets when it comes to The Price Is Right.

Colbert touched on a number of different items during his chat with Carey (including rap-based trauma courtesy of Whose Line Is It Anyway?), including some behind-the-scenes details and theories attached to the Tiffany Network’s senior/stoner magnet. The weight of the Big Wheel and Carey’s injury history are touched on, but the particularly juicy bit involves Plinko. Colbert staff members think they’ve cracked the code on how to rack up real money in the game, but Carey (who has years of experience as a Plinko authority) has his own piece of advice on how to approach the game.

“My theory is, you should drop it from the center, and the dot of the ‘i’ is, if you’re looking at it, is off to the left just a little bit,” offered Carey. “So, you want it where the break in the ‘n’ is on the bottom. You wanna drop it from there, that’s right in the middle. If I was playing Plinko I would drop it from right there.”

Speaking of The Price is Right, Monday’s lined up to be a Halloween themed episode of the program.