LeBron James’ Pregame Diet Is Surprisingly Boring And Lacking In Calories

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Any time someone mentions a superstar athlete’s diet, our minds automatically think of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson shoveling thousands of calories down his oak tree of a neck. If not the People’s Champ, then certainly Michael Phelps sucking down enough calories to sink Leo DiCaprio’s orgy yacht ten times. Athlete (and especially overboard actor) diets are mostly ridiculous and hilarious to us normal folk, and while it’s fun when some Joe Q. Instagrammer tries to eat one of The Rock’s bajillion-pancake meals, the routines are always better off left to the men with the massive muscles.

Except when it comes to LeBron James. As he recently revealed to Business Insider, his pregame diet is so simple and boring that we can all give it a try before our next game of H-O-R-S-E.

“Before competition for me would be like a chicken breast and maybe a little pasta. The carbs help because you’re going out and playing a lot of minutes,” James told Business Insider. “But a salad and some veggies will have me perfectly fine. And before the game I might have a protein shake and some fruit, and I’ll be ready to go. But as far as pies or pizza and sandwiches and french fries — I can’t. I’ll wait for that after the game. I can’t do that before the game.” (Via Business Insider)

Boring, dude. Even if it’s complete bullsh*t, you’re supposed to tell us that for this year’s Christmas game against the Warriors, you sucked down a dozen tomahawk steaks – bone included – before shotgunning six Little Caesars Hot N Ready pies (pan crust, obvs) like Liz Lemon.

A chicken breast and “maybe a little pasta”? That’ll never lead to a hilarious moment of James puking on Tyronn Lue during a crucial timeout, and that, aside from the general excitement, is why we tune in.

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