Noname Is Changing Her ‘Room 25’ Album Art As The Artist Behind It Faces Domestic Abuse Charges

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About a month ago, Noname released her highly anticipated debut album, Room 25, which follows her esteemed 2016 mixtape Telefone. Like the album art of Telefone before it, Room 25‘s art is also an illustrated piece, this time by Giles Bryant. However, Noname is now looking to distance herself from Bryant and the art, since he was recently arrested and charged with domestic battery – bodily harm. In response to that news, Noname took to Twitter this morning and announced her intention to replace the Room 25 album art with something else.

“In light of recent allegations, I will be working to replace the cover artwork of Room 25,” she wrote. “I do not and will not support abusers, and I will always stand up for victims and believe their stories. My heart goes out to Ellie, her family, and all survivors of abuse.”

This isn’t the first time that Noname has modified her art in the name of sensitivity: Her performing name used to be “Noname Gypsy,” but she dropped “Gypsy” from her moniker in 2016 when she realized it was offensive to Romani people, writing at the time, “When I first decided what my stage name would be I was unaware of how racially inappropriate and offensive it was to Romani people. It was never my intent to harm or offend anyone in any way. That is not what I’m about. I’m sorry for any pain I previously caused.”