10 Community GIFS Expressing Fans’ Emotional State About Community’s Cancelation


It is a sad day for fans of NBC's cult hit 'Community.' Despite overcoming obstacles like being canceled, losing the show runner, and Chevy Chase, the show still ended up on the chopping block during up fronts today with NBC confirming the show was once again canceled after five seasons. And at first fans were like:

And pandemonium erupted as carefully laid plans for #SixSeasonsAndAMovie unraveled.


Some instantly resorted to despair.


And some tried to hold it in.


While others tried desperately to put on a happy face and live in denial for another day.


Fans hearing the announcement on their devices are now hoping they bought the warranty.


And those who live on west coast time showed up late to discover the fandom in shambles.


But then we got it together. Because first of all NBC…


We will not despair. 


We know what we must do. First…


Then call Netflix. Hey babe, what's up? Need another show?

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