10 GIFS Documenting Snoop Dogg and Psy’s Outlandish ‘Hangover’ Friendship

Somehow it has been two years since Psy's hit song 'Gangnam Style' took over our collective minds and spawned the most awkward dance craze since the 'Macarena.' For months we danced to his whip smart takedown of upper class Seoul culture with minimal understanding of the unpinning to this catchy ear worm. 

Now that Summer 2014 is in full swing and still doesn't have a definitive song of the summer, Psy is back to to rescue us. Teaming up with Snoop Dogg, they're bringing Americans an apolitical pop tune. This time with more English so we have less to butcher as we drunkenly karaoke into the night, thinking we're ironic for singing 'Hangover' while still sloshed.

But the best part of this new song isn't the poppy beat or easy to memorize lyrics. No. It's the amazing friendship unfolding between two musical icons in this video.

#1. You know a video is gonna be good when it starts out with Psy worshipping the porcelain gods and the gods responding to his offering by spitting Snoop Dogg up out of the bath tub. And thus a new bromance was born.

#2. Bros that hygiene together, stay together. Just because you're gonna treat your liver with no respect doesn't mean the rest of your body isn't a shrine. Just remember to let the taste of toothpaste dissipate before partaking in shots!

#3. A great way to get rid of the taste of toothpaste is to gargle Mountain Dew during your daily Dew-bath. With all the artificial ingredients, it's better than an exfoliating chemical peel and has the added benefit of looking wicked in a Greek fountain. Only basic bitches bathe in gross tap water.

#4. Somewhere, the Most Interesting Man In The World is quietly weeping as the Society For Interesting Men forcibly removes his plaque from the wall in his zero gravity room. The new kings of Interesting are obviously doing elegant trick shots at 11 in the morning.

#5. When picking up ladies to engage in debauchery, Snoop and Psy know looks are only skin deep. Find an entourage who wants to skip with unabashed glee through a traveling carnival at night! Eat corn dogs of questionable origin! Ride everything and look death in the face as you wonder 'Is it supposed to make that noise?' FEEL ALIVE!

#6. Look at these goobers. They are having the time of their lives. You will never be as happy as Snoop Dogg and Psy in this GIF. But your new life goal should be to try.

#7. Drinking is hard work. But never stop jamming out to eat. Jam or die. Whether that means foregoing fourth meal as Snoop has opted or letting the rhythm move you while chowing down on noodles like Psy is up to user discretion.

#8. Friends don't let friends do a line of shots alone. They help and then engage in rousing bout of drunken fisticuffs. Smashing attire mandatory.

#9. At the end of the day, they cement their bromance with a traditional toast.

#10. And then dance it out. Shake dem hips, Snoop.

You can watch the full video below!