10 MORE fun facts about the MTV Movie Awards: Jennifer Lawrence, Jaden Smith, Oscar crossover

Last year we dug through the often heart-breaking history of the MTV Movie Awards (which seem to be leaning slightly less…bad…lately) to come up with a list of 10 fun facts for your perusal pleasure. With the 23rd annual show on the horizon, we thought we'd do a bit more searching to see if there were any other interesting factoids, and sure enough, there were a couple. (I say “we,” but really I'm the only one sick enough to have bothered with this.)

Click through the gallery story below to learn the oldest and youngest winners of the Golden Popcorn statue, the most-honored directors at the annual show, which acting winners have crossed over with Oscar and more.

The 2014 MTV Movie Awards will be held on Sunday, Apr. 13. Conan O'Brien will host.