10 Worst Films of 2012 include failed franchises, bad adaptations and Tyler Perry

2012 was the year that gave us some of the best superhero films of all-time, great adaptations of great books, films featuring soon-to-be-legendary performances, and new films from such revered directors as Quentin Tarantino, Steven Spielberg, Michael Haneke, Leos Carax and Kathryn Bigelow. 

It also gave of some utterly unwatchable dreck. 

In the video list above you’ll find unnecessary sequels, found footage flops, failed franchises, questionable pop star performances, legendary Italian horror directors gone bad, screaming pregnant ladies, and a deadly serious Tyler Perry. 

And what “Worst Films” list would be complete without Nicolas Cage?

What films did we miss? Do you agree or disagree with our choices?

Check out our full list here: