Watch: 19-year-old Patton Oswalt’s first paid acting job was rather a doozy

07.15.13 6 years ago

What luck! A fellow named J.C. Shakespeare recently uploaded this video from the early-90s, and it looks to be a non-traditional student loan ad featuring several comics including a baby-faced Patton Oswalt. Patton tweeted the link, explaining that he received 300 buck-a-roos to shoot the video — which makes it his very first paid acting job.

Patton does one mini set at 0:35 and another at 5:40, so jump around to those times if you don’t want to hear a woman telling this joke: “I was a philosophy major. I think therefore I am… single.”

And if you do want to hear a woman telling that joke? Well, then we should probably date.

(via Hollywood Prospectus)

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