20 DC comics stories that would make great animated movies

(CBR) While fans look to the big screen for the next super hero blockbuster, it should not be forgotten that Warner Bros. Animation has been producing amazing feature-length films starring DC Comics' pantheon of characters since 2007. Recently, WB Animation announced that their upcoming animated features will be focused on Batman, Superman and the Justice League, with one film per year going outside the boundary of those three immortal franchises.

With nine decades of stories for WB to mine, CBR enters the DC archives to figure out which stories from their library could best make use of the studio's animators and knack for spot-on voice acting. While it's impossible to narrow down It's a difficult task to cull nearly a century of stories down to a manageable number, but we've emerged with the ones that best embody the characters and storytelling that have made DC an industry leader throughout its history.