273 days until Star Wars: Luke is caught in the crosshairs in STAR WARS #6 cover

Two STAR WARS comic posts in as many days? Yep!

While yesterday's Spaghetti Cthulhu aliens remain a mystery to be solved, that doesn't preclude new mysteries from super-ceding them. For example, the cover for STAR WARS #6, revealed on Twitter today by series writer Jason Aaron.

What kind of scope is are we peering through and just who out of a large rogues gallery could be targeting young Skywalker?

Image Credit: Marvel Entertaiment via Twitter. Cover by John Cassaday.

As of right now, there are no bounty hunters in the current STAR WARS arc. But there are two issues to go before the series reaches the big finale for the first story in STAR WARS #6. Who knows, maybe it”s one of the Spaghetti Cthulhu people. The Cthulhetti? The Spaghulhu?

STAR WARS #6 arrives this June.