284 days until Star Wars: ‘Heir to the Jedi’ just explained the crossguard lightsaber

If Star Wars lore was a game of Sabacc, Disney is going all in on continuity. From “Star Wars Rebels” to the comic books with Marvel to the stand-alone novels, there are tidbits sprinkled throughout for the lore-hungry fan.

Nothing about the new “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” movie has divided the fans like the new lightsaber designed wielded by the mystery Sith. Let”s all bask in its glory.

Everyone had an opinion on how this would even work, including Stephen Colbert. His theory was the Sith had somehow reconfigured his lightsaber to refract the plasma three ways through a single crystal. It was a solid hypothesis, but “Heir to the Jedi” just proved it false.

Set after “A New Hope” but before “The Empire Strikes Back,” the novel by Kevin Hearne explores how Luke Skywalker began to learn to use the Force in earnest. Early on in the story, Skywalker acquires and lightsaber and upon taking it apart, discovers something odd.

Three crystals. The saber housed three crystals. This is the first instance of multiple crystals in the new canon. Of course, this opens up a whole new set of questions. How common is it to have multiple lightsaber crystals? If rare, did the Sith in the “Force Awakens” trailer come across his naturally or does he know Luke Skywalker? Could the crackling energy be from not calibrating the wafer thin secondary crystals correctly?

Only 284* days until we find out!

*After some minor recalibrating, HitFix Harpy realized we were counting down incorrectly and have readjusted to the correct number.