Five Reasons I Love Monica Geller

Today Courteney Cox turns fifty-one, which is completely outrageous because I honestly thought she was forty-one. My God, plastic surgery or no plastic surgery, she looks amazing. Courteney is most famous for integral role in “Friends”, the best sit-com of all time, so, in honor of her birthday, here are 5 reasons I think Monica Geller is the best Friend:

1. She”s neurotic

Monica”s neuroses are cute, but if this were a drama and not a sit-com, these issues would be very serious. Her fixation with cleanliness and order works in this convenient setting, but in real life this level of OCD would be almost crippling. I”m endlessly compassionate towards Monica”s character for this reason.

2. She used to be fat

Skinny Monica still has a fat girl living inside her, which adds texture and depth to her character. The result is adorable and endearing.

3. She dated a man twice her age

Even though she always tries to play by the rules, Monica ends up going majorly against the grain in the name of love when she falls for forty-seven year old Richard Burke, who is, on top of it all, her father”s best friend. She”s always a people pleaser, but won”t let other people”s opinions get in the way of her love life.  

4. She”s the best dancer

Courteney Cox got her start as a dancer in the music video for Bruce Springsteen”s “Dancing in the Dark”, and continued showing off her moves all throughout “Friends”.  In “The One With The Routine”, Ross and Monica perform a highly-coreographed dance routine. While Ross” contribution is solid, even impressive, Monica knocks it out of the park and proves she”s a natural born dancer. In “The One That Could Have Been” we get a flashback to Monica when she was fat. Even wearing a fat suit, Courteney could really move.

5. She taught Chandler (and us) about the 5 erogenous zones

When Chandler is insecure about his skills in bed, Monica teaches him a surefire way to please any woman. We all know about the main erogenous zones, but Monica suggests that there are extras, and walks Chandler through how to use them all. She saved Chandler”s sex life and hopefully got men all over America thinking.

I love all six of the “Friends” friends with all my heart, but Monica stands out as my favorite. Of them all, Monica is who I would actually want to be friends with. She may be controlling and obsessive, but she”s smart and sweet at the end of the day, she takes home the most cool points. Happy Birthday Courteney, thank you endlessly for bringing one of the best TV characters of all time to life.