7 Insane ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Moments from 2014, Including Rapping Sajak

“Wheel of Fortune” is America's Game (no matter what Alex Trebek or Steve Harvey say), and that means it's always good for some classic game show moments. Pat Sajak's show has had an incredible 2014, and we've rounded up seven of its best moments here. Some moments are so amazing, you will RSTLNE in your pants.

1. The Lone Ranger is unmasked after a single letter.

Priceless work. Even better: This contestant went on to score $91,000 in cash and prizes before the bonus round.

2. The most astonishing bonus round solve ever.

Forget the Lone Ranger! This guy just guessed “NEW BABY BUGGY” with only the “N” and “E” revealed! Astonishing.

3. Pat Sajak rapped Rae Sremmurd's “No Type.” Really.

Pat Sajak: onetime weatherman, current game show host, future rap sensation.

4. One contestant had a really, really bad day.

I'm just going to say it: All three of this guy's errors are inexcusable. The way he pronounces “ACHILLES” is heartbreaking.

5. The “Riding a Brown Horse” debacle

It takes a lot to make Pat Sajak storm off set. This horse situation did it.

6. “Wheel” crowns its third million-dollar winner.

It is nearly impossible to win a million dollars on “Wheel of Fortune.” You have to spin the Million Dollar wedge, keep it in your bank without ever spinning bankrupt, make it to the bonus round, and then spin a million again on the bonus wheel. Sarah here did just that — and she clearly knew the bonus puzzle before her four additional letters came up. Fabulous.

7. Weird Al Yankovic recounts the single most hilarious “Wheel of Fortune” experience ever.

How hilarious is playing “Wheel of Fortune” with James Brown? Very. Watch as Weird Al Yankovic recounts the time he played on a celebrity edition of “Wheel” and tells Seth Meyers about the Godfather of Soul's misunderstanding of the word “consonant.”