9 terrible DC Comics characters Warner Bros. should avoid for the 9 untitled films

When Warner Bros. announced Wednesday that they were dating an eyebrow raising nine “Untitled DC Comics” films over the next six years it set off a wave of speculation on what those films could possibly be.  Granted, you can probably reserve slots for “Justice League,” “Sandman,” “Wonder Woman” and “Man of Steel 2,” but beyond that?  Utter speculation.  Even a “Justice League Dark” movie isn't a given anymore.

With so many potential movies available for DC heroes, the HitFix editorial team thought it was in the best interest of moviegoers and Time Warner shareholders to provide some feedback on characters from the publisher's back catalog that probably won't work on the big screen. In fact, we guarantee they won't.  Obviously, the success of “Guardians of the Galaxy” has proven that unexpected “cult” favorites can make a splash in theaters. As longtime comic book readers we're not so sure there are any “Guardians” hanging out in the DC universe (although we'd love to be proven wrong).

Keeping that in mind, check out these nine um, “classic” DC characters we'd warn Warner Bros. to stay away from.  Perhaps, far, far away.  You can review them in the embedded story gallery below.

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