Aaron Paul calls out Toys’R’Us and parents over ‘Breaking Bad’ ban hypocrisy


If you haven”t heard, a Florida mom recently went on a successful crusade to get Toys”R”Us to stop selling “Breaking Bad” action figures. According to her, she was incensed that a toy store would dare to sell toys that glorify meth “…alongside Barbie dolls and Disney characters.”

Ignoring the fact that if her kids know what “Breaking Bad” is, she has a whole 'nother set of issues she should be focused on, have you set foot in a Toys”R”Us in recent memory? Because I sure have. And if “Collectible Action Figures for Adults” having their own aisle is too close to the Barbies, maybe just don't let little Sally go down it? You know, since it also has gory “The Walking Dead” zombie busts and “Aliens” literally in the process of being shot apart.

Aaron Paul agrees and he took to Twitter to share his disbelief at the situation.


Even the President – or at least his social media manager – was surprised.


Paul went on to make another valid point. But don't take this as a license to start pulling “age-inappropriate” things off shelves, Toys'R'Us. It's not your job to parent people's kids. 


Paul even went so far as to fight fire with fire…or petition with petition.


As of this writing, the petition to return “Breaking Bad” action figures to Toys'R'Us shelves has over 27,000 signatures.

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