Aaron Paul’s hair steals the show in new ‘Decoding Annie Parker’ trailer

Months after the end of “Breaking Bad,” Aaron Paul is dealing with cancer again, but this time there won't be any meth, guns or chemistry. But there will be plenty of hair care products. 

With Paul starring alongside Helen Hunt and Samantha Morton, “Decoding Annie Parker” looks to be an eccentric, inspirational true story about conquering disease. Morton plays a free spirit diagnosed with breast cancer, who works with a radical geneticist (Hunt) to prove that the disease can be inherited.

But, honestly, the plot takes a backseat to Paul's luscious locks. Throughout the video, he sports several different 'dos, including a very long, very soft-looking hippie hair. In another scene, Paul models a short, punky coiffure that looks borrowed from Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong. 

Watch the trailer here:

“Annie” also stars Rashida Jones, Bradley Whitford, Alice Eve, Richard Schiff, Maggie Grace, Chris Mulkey and Corey Stoll. It marks the feature directorial debut of cinematographer Steven Bernstein (“Monster,” “Like Water For Chocolate”).

“Decoding Annie Parker” opens May 2.