Androids are cowboys in the first ‘Westworld’ footage from HBO’s new sci-fi/western

In 1973, Michael Crichton envisioned a future where androids could provide the ultimate fantasy vacation…as long as you had the money, of course. But as with so many “Hubris of Mankind” tales, nothing in “Westworld” went according to plan.

Do you guys remember the episode of “Star Trek: The Next Generation” where the crew left the Holodeck on too long and the ‘people” living in the town start to question if they were real? Yeah, like that. Only with cowboys and knights and other childhood staples.

HBO gave everyone a first look at Ed Harris as the Man in Black – and a peek at how the android sausage is made – in their Year End Tribute. From the “Coming in 2015” section:

In tandem with this footage, HBO released the first still image from the set. From Entertainment Weekly: behold!  An android who is having a super bad face day. But she”s not letting a little thing like flaking off synthetic flesh slow her down.

Via Entertainment Weekly

“Westworld” is coming to HBO sometime in 2015.