‘Ant-Man’s’ Evangeline Lilly unveils her chic new Wasp-style hairdo

When “Lost” and “The Hobbit” star Evangeline Lilly signed on for Marvel's upcoming “Ant-Man,” many fans assumed that her character, Hope Van Dyne, would eventually turn into the pint-sized superheroine the Wasp, and pics of the actress' new hairdo will only further stoke the flames of rumor. 

The film, starring Paul Rudd and Michael Douglas, started shooting this week in the Bay Area, and Lilly posted several pics from the set to her Instagram page.

Marvel fans will no doubt be reminded of the classic Wasp (AKA Janet Van Dyne) look when they see Lilly's new 'do, giving new meaning to the phrased “teased hair.”

Check out Lilly's luscious locks here:

Is Lilly telling us that she will be suiting up for action in the film? Will Hope Van Dyne be taking up the legacy of her mother (or maybe, aunt…haha) Janet, in the same way that the film will reportedly depict Rudd's character Scott Lang is taking over the Ant-Man gig from Douglas' Hank Pym?

One thing's for sure: Lilly looks adorable with that bob hairstyle. 

And, in case you missed it, here's the first official photo of Rudd as Scott Lang in the film.

“Ant-Man” flies into theaters July 17, 2015.